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Sustainable Fashion = Spending Lots of Money?

We were considering how to articulate this and voila thank you Fashion Revolution Canada for this fab graphic.  

Creating a sustainable wardrobe is much easier and closer to home than we think and it doesn't mean you have to spend oodles of cash.  

Here are BB's top tips

Wearing the clothes you already own
First start shopping in your own wardrobe.  C’mon how many of us are guilty of stashing away clothes in the back of our wardrobes.

Buy second-hand or vintage
Your local charity shop can be a goldmine of choice, taking you through decades of style.  Checkout your local charity shop and there are a plethora of online choices too - checkout Depop or Vinted.

Buy from sustainable brands
Support your small independent sustainable brands.  Like us they have true ethics behind their businesses.
Using our businesses as a force of good, for the people and planet and at BB for animals too. You can find BB and other good brands at Good On you.

Of course you can sew a button back on, go on give it a try!  If it is a little more complicated, your local tailor or cobbler is happy to lend a helping hand.

Washing with care
Do you really need to wash your clothes as often as you do?  A simple airing overnight can do the trick and when you do wash, a 30 degree cycle is more eco-friendly.
Fun fact: Chip Bergh, CEO of Levis has not washed his pair of jeans in 10 years.

Why not give your clothes a new lease of life?  Here are top 5 tips for beginners to upcycle their clothes.
If they are really at the end of their life, you can turn them into cleaning rags.

Borrowing or clothes swapping
Get a few friends together and make a party of it!  You can be sure you won’t be seen in the same outfit on a night out ;)
There are regular clothes swapping events happening, search online for one close to you.

There you go, as easy as 1-2-3, well 7 but do give a couple a try to start.
We hope you have found these useful and we would love to hear what your sustainable fashion hacks are too.