Your new B_Boheme shoes can become your lifetime companions! However, just as friends need care, shoes require some maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. BB shoes are incredibly durable, but just as a long bath is much-needed after a long day, they need some regular pampering, especially after enduring especially long walks or rain, snow, dirt, or mud.

Here’s how to take care of your new best friends:


Before you polish your shoes, give them a good clean with a shoe brush and wipe away any embedded dirt with a damp cloth. Remove any shoelaces to clean the tongue thoroughly and avoid staining. Use a pencil eraser/rubber for lighter scuff marks. Apply polish evenly with a brush or soft cloth using circular strokes. Once the polish has completely dried, buff with a polishing brush. An off-the-shelf polish should be suitable but we would recommend that you always test a small patch on your shoe first.  Choose one that matches the colour of your shoes. 


Invest as much care in choosing a cobbler to re-sole or re-heel your shoes as you did when purchasing the shoes. Don’t try to glue soles yourself – this is best left to the experts. To prevent permanent damage, act before it’s too late.


Use shoe trees to keep your shoes in shape, or stuff the toe cap with tissue. Use boot shapers for the shaft of long boots and stuff the toes with tissue. It is best to put the shoe trees in your shoes within an hour or two of removing them.


Faux suede and nubuck shoes need extra care with regular cleaning and waterproofing. Pick up a suede cleaner/protector at your local cobbler, brush your shoes and then use a traditional suede eraser (brick of crumbly rubber) to rub away any blemishes and a suede brush to restore the nap of the fabric, and generously spray with protector. In case your shoes get damp, make sure to stuff them with newspaper to keep their shape and dry them away from direct heat. Please do not try to speed-dry shoes near a fire or radiator as this may cause damage.


Traditional remedies often work the best, and a little vinegar and water applied sparingly does wonders to remove salt stains from vegan leathers and suedes.


Protect new shoes by spraying them with a water protector before wearing them for the first time. Rotate your shoes with another pair each day – it will help them stay fresh for longer. Always allow wet shoes to completely dry, naturally, and follow with a waterproofing before wearing them again.  An off-the-shelf product should be suitable but we would recommend that you always test a small patch on your shoe first. 

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