Care Guide

Care Guide

BBs are hard-wearing and durable, but, like all shoes, they will need your care and attention to stay looking beautiful.  To ensure a long love affair with your shoes, we recommend regular care.
Your shoes are made from sustainable materials which includes plant-based, recycled, organic and natural. 

Vegan Leather / Vegan Suede

These products should be gently cleaned only with a soft, damp cloth and dried immediately. We do not recommend using any cleaning or polish products. 

A water-repellent spray can be used on vegan suede, please test on a small spot first before applying to the whole shoe.
If the shoes get wet, stuff them with tissue paper (newspaper is fine) to help them keep their shape and dry them away from direct heat. 

Stay Well-heeled

Invest as much care in choosing a cobbler to re-sole and re-heel your shoes as you did in purchasing them. It is best to have this work done as soon as needed and before it causes permanent damage. 

Maintain the Shape

Shoe trees are great! Store your shoes on them to maintain their shapes. Alternatively, stuff the toecap with newspaper or tissue. For boots, use boot shapers for the shaft and stuff the toe with newspaper. It is best to pop your shoes on their shoe trees within an hour or two after you have removed them from your feet. 
A few more tips to extend the life of your shoes:

  • Rotate your shoes with another pair each day.
  • Always allow your shoes to completely dry before wear. 
  • Regular cleaning is essential.
  • Avoid contact with abrasive substances and surfaces.
  • Store your shoes in your BB dust bag and on shoe trees if possible.